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Mickie Monroe is a Tantra and Yoga Practitioner, Shamanic and Intuitive Healer and Galactic Goddess here to bring you transmissions of love and truth.

As a trained Yin Yoga Teacher, Tantra Practitioner, Shamanic Energy and Sound Healer, Spiritual Channel and Card Reader, Mickie speaks directly to your soul, moving into whatever is needed for your empowerment as well as human potential.

With a mystical depth and a unique ability to tune into the Magick that is available to all of us, weaving ancient wisdom with a modern day approach so we can integrate all things to do with love, sex and the universe.

Walking a heart centred path as she walks between the realms, Mickie is a sensual soul to her core as she lives and breathes a way of life that promotes self-love and embodiment as she channels your higher self on her path of service.

A natural channel, Mickie spent many years suffering from anxiety and depression, blocking out her path, finally stepping into her own healing journey over 8 years ago and stepping into a path of embodied service.

Whether it’s facilitating workshops, classes and events or working one on one with clients, Mickie has the intuitive ability to see exactly what is needed and to move from that space in each moment, leaving you feeling inspired, empowered, connected and lighter as your vibrational frequency shifts into higher states.

Her intention is to bring you on the path of your soul and life purpose, so that you may be the potential you came here to be, as you integrate your being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“When you understand that everything is energy, we have the power to change our life completely. Tantra and Yoga are not just a practise but a complete way of being as we create union with the mind, the body and the soul, breathing that into every moment of our existence, so that we become the bridge for the divine to flow through…” – Mickie Monroe

Whether you are seeking healing on your path or wanting to learn more about the practices, Mickie Monroe is here to walk with you on your journey to remembering who you truly are on all levels

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