The Importance of Slowing Down

The last two weeks have been a reminder of how important it is for us as beings to take the time to slow down in our lives for me. For the first time in a long time, I was run down with a cold, definitely reminding me of my humanness, and also a call to... Continue Reading →


Soul Recall

  Soul Recall   Anyone who knows me or follows my journey may have noticed somewhat of a silence from me lately I haven't been creating workshops or have events at the moment... I even pulled out of speaking at events as my soul pulled me inwards My energy has been so spread I needed... Continue Reading →

Passionate Purpose

As I sit here in a beautiful apartment in Brisbane between clients I feel so grateful that I had the courage to find my passion, to listen to my sensual soul, To share a message I really believe in That I know as truth And I am in the womb of creation As I am... Continue Reading →

The Art of Self-Love

Over the weekend I attended a Sacred Sexuality retreat and took the opportunity to surrender more into the depths of my being as these spaces are always transformational and empowering, but also bring up what needs to be looked at and what needs to be let go of We were asked to place something meaningful... Continue Reading →

Coming out of the ancient closet…

Coming out of the Ancient Closet… For a long time growing up I tried to supress my ‘woo-woo’ witchiness, My natural abilities with energy and crystals, my deeper curiousity for pleasure and the mysteries… And now, as I integrate my being and show up in my authentic self, I identify as a Sacred Sexuality Priestess... Continue Reading →

The Conscious Seductress

The Conscious Seductress Every woman and man has a part of them that desires Desires to feel pleasure To give pleasure To receive pleasure To be seen and valued and own their desires To be touched and to touch, to feel loved and to love, To feel sensual in our being to our very core... Continue Reading →

Arousal of the Yin

  Arousal of the Yin The philosophy behind Tantra teaches us that there are deeper understandings of the masculine and feminine within nature and all things. It teaches us how both reside within all of us beyond gender The Yang - Masculine The Yin - Feminine And the same is applied within states of our... Continue Reading →

The Divine Masculine: Holding Presence

The Divine Masculine: Holding Presence On our journey towards self, we learn to honour and understand all aspects of the Yin and Yang within and the importance of the balance between these two aspects existing in us. The Masculine and the Feminine that exists within beyond gender encompassing all things and how this duality interacts... Continue Reading →

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