Shamanic Healing

1 hr Energy Clearing: $110

1.5 hr Reading and Energy Clearing:  $150

1 hr Group Clearings/ Journeys available: $90

Online Distance Reading and Clearing: $90


Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists within our societies that offers an ancient approach to our health and wellbeing that encompasses all levels of our being and was an integral part of our way of life, with Shamans being honoured and respected within the tribe and community.
A shaman is commonly known as an individual who travels between this realm and the spirit world to retrieve wisdom, power and energy that can be utilised for the betterment of our lives. Offering deep healing and ceremonial approaches, the Shaman guides the soul along its journey through this life.
Mickie Monroe is a trained Yoga, Tantra and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, who is devoted to deep embodiment and being on the path of service to others as a guide, channel and facilitator.

I have spent the last year travelling around Australia teaching and running workshops and guest speaking at events bringing awareness to Energy Healing and the importance of our health

If you are ready for overall well being and a deeper sense of peace within yourself, then perhaps this is exactly what you need

A session may include healing modalities such as:
-soul retrieval and past life clearing
-ancestral line clearing
-meeting your spirit guides and animals
-Balancing of all your energy centres
– releasing anything that may be in your energy field that may be effecting your health on all levels of mind, body and soul.

Other techniques such as
-energy clearing
– sounding healing
-card reading saging and light language may be used as your higher self guides you to
exactly what you need in each and every moment.

This is why it is not simply ‘Reiki’
A shaman speaks directly to the soul and is guided into what is needed in each and every moment, on every layer of your being

This is a truly profound session that will raise your vibrational frequency to bring you into overall wellbeing, leaving you feeling uplifted and connected at the heart.

Who is this for?

– Sufferers of depression and anxiety
– Lacking energy and passion in life
– Curious of spiritual ourneying
– Ready for change in life/ feeling stuck or stagnant
– Stuck in patterns or behaviours
– Looking for guidance on a deeper level
– Suffering physical ailments, mental and emotional issues

For in Person Sessions:


Chameleon New Age Salon

Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise


Go to

or call (07) 5526 8368 for bookings and enquiries

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For Online Bookings and Enquiries:

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